In the age of wireless connectivity and home automation, everyone is looking to control everything from your smartphone. Luckily, there’s several good options for controlling your garage door from your smartphone. Once you have your app setup, you can also check if your garage door is open or closed and receive alerts when your garage door is activated. This can give you a lot of piece of mind when you need to leave your home during the day.

You may need a newer garage door opener to be compatible with the latest technology, so be sure to look into our best garage door openers if needed.Without further ado, here’s the best products that will allow you to control your garage door opener with your smartphone.


Chamberlain MyQ Smartphone Garage Door Opener




The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener system works with most brands of garage door openers made after 1993. You can check this compatibility guide to ensure it will work with your garage door opener.

The MyQ requires you to install two simple components in your garage. The WiFi Hub installs close to your garage door opener motor and requires a power source as well as short wires ran to the motor. Then a wireless component attaches to your garage door that acts as a sensor to tell the WiFi Hub if the door is open or not. Below is a great instructional video showing how simple the setup is.


You can download the official Chamberlain MyQ app for Android and iPhone.


Garageio Blackbox




Garageio is a new garage door opener system designed for power-users who want more control over their garage door opener remote. The setup and installation of the Garageio Blackbox is similar to the Chamberlain MyQ. You install the Blackbox onto your garage door opener motor, and then attach the wires to the motor. Garageio also requires you to install a garage door sensor on your garage door, just like the MyQ. Below is a video detailing the process, including setting up your smartphone.


The biggest advantage of the Garageio Blackbox is it’s compatible with If This Then That, a free web service that allows you to use advanced rules to automate your garage door opener.

For example, you can have a rule to close your garage door opener every day at 6PM, send you an email when the garage door opener is activated, or close the garage door if it starts raining. You can create countless other rules for your garage door opener to simplify your life.

You can find the Garageio app on Android and Apple marketplaces.