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Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

garage door insulated

Colossal Benefits of Insulating Your Garage An attached garage has a tendency to standout amongst the most utilized spaces of your home. However, it can often be one of the most uncomfortable areas of your home during extreme heat in the summer months, or brutal cold in the winter. There are a couple of key things you can do to make the garage more pleasant, and the main one is insulating your garage. The objective of garage insulation is to make it a more pleasant...
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Top Garage Security Advice


The garage is often where you store a lot of valuables, especially if you have expensive tools or vehicles locked inside. This can make garages a top target for thieves. If your garage is detached from your home, it will be an even more attractive target to burglars as they’ll have more seclusion, and could get away with making more noise while being undetected. If you have a quiet garage door opener, you may not even hear it if your garage...
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Best Quiet Garage Door Opener for 2016

quiet garage door

Benefits of a Quiet Garage Door Opener Buying a quiet garage door opener has many advantages. The most obvious is the reduced noise and vibration that will disturb the rest of your home. If your garage is connected to a living space, or if you have a room above your garage, you quiet and vibration-free garage door opener is very important to your home! Quiet garage door openers are also a sign of a well-maintained and long lasting garage door...
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Best Automatic Gate Openers for 2016


Gated access to your driveway is a great security feature to have for your driveway. This ensures no unwanted vehicles pull up to your home and garage, which could be the difference between thieves cleaning out your personal property or just getting away with a hand-full of items. Just like your garage door though, getting in and out of your car to open and unlock your gate can be a pain. That’s why we compiled a list of the best...
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Garage Door Opener Battery Systems


When the power to your house goes out, so does your ability to use your garage door opener. You could find yourself coming home in a storm, tapping your garage door remote, and find yourself caught out in the rain. That is, unless you have a backup garage door battery. Most backup batteries will give you the ability to use your garage door opener for 24 hours, or 20 uses. A garage door opener battery can be easy to install onto...
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Garage Door Opener Glossary


There’s a lot of components to a garage door opener system. Many people are confused about what a term is referring to when they look at their garage door opener, so here’s a list of terminology you’ll likely encounter as you search for the best garage door opener and install it.

Smartphone Garage Door Opener Apps


In the age of wireless connectivity and home automation, everyone is looking to control everything from your smartphone. Luckily, there’s several good options for controlling your garage door from your smartphone. Once you have your app setup, you can also check if your garage door is open or closed and receive alerts when your garage door is activated. This can give you a lot of piece of mind when you need to leave your home during the day. You may...
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How To Replace Your Garage Door Opener


Once it’s time to get a new garage door opener, you’ll probably want to install it yourself some money. Upgrading an existing garage door system isn’t too difficult of a task to handle yourself, and you could likely have it done in just an hour or two. Follow along with our guide below for planning your garage door opener upgrade.

Best Garage Door Remotes for 2016


A new garage door remote can go a long way towards making your day easier. If your current garage door opener remote is broken or not working reliably, a new remote will be just what you need (if you’re entire system is just, then you need one of the best garage door openers instead!). You may also be interested in a new garage door remote if you have multiple vehicles, or a new driver who needs access to your garage....
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